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李志贵,2010年本科毕业于广西大学生命科学与技术学院生物技术专业,2013年于南开大学获得生理学硕士学位,2016年于南开大学获得生理学博士学位,20167-12月,在美国阿尔伯特爱因斯坦医学院做博士后研究,20171月至今,在美国耶鲁大学医学院博士后研究。主要开展的研究工作包括:(1Wnt/TRPC6信号在早期糖尿病足细胞损伤中的作用研究;(2长链非编码RNA(Longnon-codingRNA,lncRNA) 介导的自噬在糖尿病认知损害和肾脏病发展中的作用研究;(3)目前从事神经生物学和肿瘤生物学相关领域的研究。近年已发表二十多篇SCI论文,其中包括第一作者5篇,杂志总影响因子65多分,总引用次数超过230次。








Zhigui Li

333 Cedar Street

New Haven USA

Phone: 1-917-650-2681, E-mail:zhigui.li@yale.edu



January 2017 -Now  Postdoctoral Associate in Yale University School of Medicine, USA

July 2016 -December 2016  Postdoctoral Associate in Albert Einstein College ofMedicine, USA

September 2013 -July 2016  Ph.D. of Physiology in Nankai University, China

September 2010 -July 2013  Master of Physiology, Nankai University, China

September 2006 -July 2010  Bachelor of Biotechnology, Guangxi University, China

HONORS ANDAWARDS                                                          

2015 National Scholarships for Graduate

2014 First-Class Scholarship for Graduate

2012 National Scholarships for Graduate








RESEARCH EXPERIENCE/PRESENTATIONS                                    

2013-2016 Candidate Ph.D. of Physiology in Nankai University, China

n  Project:The potential role of the lncRNA-mediated autophagy in the development ofdiabetic cognitive impairment and nephrology.

2010-2013 Master of Physiology, Nankai University, China

n  Project:The potential role of Wnt/TRPC6 signaling in the early diabetic podocyteinjury.

n  PosterPresentation: International Conference for Physiological Sciences 2012

2006-2010 Bachelor of Biotechnology, Guangxi University, China

n  Project:Innovative experimentIdentification of the earlyinfection-related genes in the Xanthomonas campestris pv. Campestris,cum laude.


Cellular andmolecular: Cell culture, Real time RT-PCR, RNA interference, target geneidentification, microarray expression profile analysis, western blot, flowcytometry and confocal imaging.

Electrophysiology:In vivo spontaneous local field potential, paired-pulse facilitation, long-termpotentiation and depotentiation recording.

Behaviors:Spatial learning and memory (Morris water maze and object recognition test) andanxiety-like behaviors (Evaluate plus maze, hole board test, tail suspensiontest and force swimming test).


Li,Z., Wang, L., Yin, H. and Z. Yang. (2016).miR-200 family promotes podocyte differentiation through repression of RSAD2.Scientific Reports 6: 27105. (First Author)

Li,Z., Hao, S., Yin, H., Gao, J. and Z. Yang.(2016). Autophagy inhibition exacerbates cognitive impairment throughmodulation of lncRNA PVT1 and apoptosis in diabetes mice.Behavioural Brain Research. 305:265-277. (First Author)

Z.Li,L.Wang, J. Xu and Z. Yang. (2014). MiRNA expression profile and miRNA–mRNAintegrated analysis (MMIA) during podocyte differentiation. Molecular Geneticsand Genomics: 1-13. (First Author)

M. Wei, Z.Li and Z. Yang (2014). Crosstalk between protective autophagy and NF-κBsignal in high glucose-induced podocytes. Molecular and cellular biochemistry394(1-2): 261-273. (Co-first Author)

Li,Z., Xu, J., Xu, P., Liu, S., and Yang, Z.(2013). Wnt/βcatenin signalling pathway mediates highglucose induced cell injury through activation of TRPC6 in podocytes. Cellproliferation46, 76-85. (First Author)

Xu, P., Wang,H., Li, Z., Yang, Z., 2016. Triptolide attenuated injury viainhibiting oxidative stress in Amyloid-Beta 25–35-treated differentiated PC12cells. Life sciences 145, 19-26.

Xu, P., Li,Z., Wang, H., Zhang, X., Yang, Z., 2015. Triptolide inhibitedcytotoxicity of differentiated PC12 cells induced by amyloid-beta 25–35 via theautophagy pathway. PLoS One 10, e0142719.

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Han, Y.G., Xu,J., Li, Z.G., Ren, G.G., and Yang, Z. (2012). In vitro toxicityof multi-walled carbon nanotubes in C6 rat glioma cells. Neurotoxicology.

Xiao, L., Li,Z., Xu, P., Xu, J., Li, Z., and Yang, Z. (2012). The expressionof EPOR in renal cortex during postnatal development. PLoS One 7,e41993.

Xu, J., Li,Z., Xu, P., Xiao, L., and Yang, Z. (2013a). Nanosized copper oxideinduces apoptosis through oxidative stress in podocytes. Archives of toxicology87, 1067-1073.

Xu, J., Li,Z., Xu, P., and Yang, Z. (2012a). Protective effects of leukemiainhibitory factor against oxidative stress during high glucose-inducedapoptosis in podocytes. Cell Stress and Chaperones 17, 485-493.

Xu, J., Xu, P., Li,Z., Huang, J., and Yang, Z. (2012b). Oxidative stress and apoptosisinduced by hydroxyapatite nanoparticles in C6 cells. J Biomed Mater Res A100, 738-745.

Xu, J., Xu, P., Li,Z., Xiao, L., and Yang, Z. (2013b). The role of glycogen synthasekinase-3β in glioma cell apoptosis induced by remifentanil. Cellular &molecular biology letters 18, 494-506.

Xu, P., Xu, J., Li,Z., and Yang, Z. (2012c). Expression of TRPC6 in renal cortex andhippocampus of mouse during postnatal development. PLoS One 7, e38503.

Yang, J., Xu,P., Xie, Y., Li, Z., Xu, J., Zhang, T., and Yang, Z. (2013).Developmental changes of BKCa channels depend on differentiation status incultured podocytes. In Vitro Cellular & Developmental Biology-Animal, 1-7.


September2013-January 2014  College of Medicine, NankaiUniversity

TeachingAssistant to Medical Students

n  Tutoredthird-year medical students in their physiology course.

February-June2014  College of Medicine, Nankai University

TeachingAssistant to Medical Students

n  Tutoredthird-year medical students in their pathology course.

EXTRA CURRICULARACTIVITIES                                                

May 2013 Graduate Student Games

n  Thesecond place in the badminton and the third place in the basketball.  

May 2014 Graduate Student Games

n  Thefourth place in the badminton and the third place in the basketball.


Outdooractivities, travel, reading, cooking, attending concerts




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